Home Learning

You will find various links on this page to the latest home learning that has been set by the classteachers.  For each year group, there is one document titled the year group and the date e.g. Year 4 27.4.20.  If you open this document, it will give you a chart with 9 types of activities for the year group.  If you know that your child has Special Educational Needs and the work on the year group sheet is too hard for them, please send your child's classteacher a message via ClassDojo or via email and they will provide alternative activities.  Where the activity sheets identify particular documents, they will also be listed on this page for your reference.

If your child would like to be involved in additional activities, then please follow the links below or access them through a suitable device. - The BBC are broadcasting a variety of programmes daily for children of all ages. - The National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics has produced some two weeks worth of activities for each age phase in primary schools.  They can be found be following this link.  Our Maths Subject Leaders have had a look at these and are impressed with the content. - Oak National Academy are resources written by a group of teachers backed by government funding to support home learning at this time.  Please follow the link and read the information then click on Classroom to access the resources.  Feel free to access any resources that you child shows an interest in or that you feel would benefit them.  If you would like some ideas of areas of the curriculum that your child would benefit from extra practice in, please contact your child's classteacher and they will be happy to support you.

Eureka! Children's museum - Eureka! Children's Museum are regularly updating their site with new activities for primary aged children.  Keep popping back to see what's new.  

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Year 1 18.5.2020
Reception 18.5.2020
Nursery 18.5.2020
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