22.9.23 Highbury Hub and Hive, Reading books, First day calling procedures

15.9.23 Reading Conversations, MacMillan Coffee Morning, Attendance

8.9.23 Term Time Holidays, Uniform order, Reading at Withinfields  

7.7.23 Y6 Transition, Y5_6 Production, Sports week and Wellbeing research project

What's happening at Withinfields?

Fathers' Day Breakfast - We served breakfast to lots of our dads, grandads, stepdads and other father figures around Fathers' Day.  It is always lovely to see the children enjoying some special time with their loved ones.


Theatre Company Visit  - The children enjoyed a visit from M&M Theatrical Productions in June who performed their version of Oliver Twist.  There was lots of music alongside the famous storyline and children from Nursery to Year 6 all loved the experience.


Poetry Slam - The Year 6 children worked with a poet called Rob Bradley who helped them all create poetry in groups around the theme of 'Green'.  All the children worked hard and were incredibly creative but one group had to be chosen to represent the school at the Calderdale Poetry Slam.  The winning group performed at The Victoria Theatre, Halifax on 22nd March along with lots of other schools.  The group were amazing and the staff and parents who attended were incredibly proud of them.

Poppy Cascade at Halifax Minster - Every class in school has created poppies for the poppy cascade at Halifax Minster.  We used a wide variety of media including bottle bottoms, bun cases and more traditional materials.  The school council visited the church to see the poppies in position.  We are very proud to be one of only two Halifax schools to provide poppies for this event.


Poetry Festival Winners - We held our annual poetry festival and the winners from each year group were lucky enough to visit a local book shop, The Thoughtful Spot, to choose their prize.  We were very impressed with everyone who learned a poem to recite.


EYFS Forest School Experiences - Mrs Barton is leading weekly Forest School sessions for groups of Reception children.  They will all experience all four seasons in the forest throughout their sessions over the course of the year.  Here are our first group of explorers, ready for any weather!



Forest School Family 2021-2022- The children in the Forest School have thoroughly enjoyed their time in the forest.  Come rain or shine, they have loved exploring and learning new skills.



Austria's music topic - Austria managed to perform their singing in the wildlife area.  Their singing was amazing!  Well done, Austria!


Out of School Club - Many of the children in Out of School Club designed a tile to give to the important men in their lives on Fathers' Day to use as a coaster.  We would like to thank Mr Gill from Dickies Tiles for donating the tiles to us.  

Nursery Frog Topic - Nursery have been 'jumping into summer' making their very own frogs.  They used a range of skills that they have been developing over the year such as cutting, sticking and painting which challenged them but they really enjoyed themselves. They found out all about frogs: where they live, how they turn from tadpoles into frogs and what they eat. Did you know that frogs drink water through a patch on their belly and absorb the water? This was Nursery's favourite fact about frogs!



Year 5 Reading Superstars - Two of our Year 5 boys have reached the amazing achievement of reading more than 2 million words this school year.  Thomas and Henry were therefore treated to a visit to The Thoughtful Spot Children's bookshop with a chosen friend each where they all chose a book.  The bookshop owner was incredibly impressed with the group and described them as 'an utter joy'!  Well done, Thomas and Henry!

Year 2 Sandwich design - Year 2 have been busy designing and making sandwiches.  They collected and presented data about favourite fillings and types of bread before designing their own healthy sandwich for Paddington Bear.  They practised the skills of chopping, peeling, slicing and grating before independently making and testing their own sandwich design.  Upon evaluation, some realised blueberries and cheese really don't go well together in a sandwich!

Year 6 Better Futures - The Y6 children spent Tuesday working with Michelle Hogan from Own Futures.  They spent time thinking about possible careers and how to achieve their goals.  The aim of the session was to ensure that our children finished their primary school career with high expectations for themselves as they move on.  They provided some lovely feedback at the end of the session.  These are some highlights:

What have you enjoyed about the day?

  • I enjoyed doing something different- it makes you think what you want to do in the future
  • I liked having a look at all the career choices
  • I liked this lesson because it was really fun and we got to express ourselves
  • I could actually share myself and what I want to do
  • You learn more about yourself
  • Now I know what to do in my job
  • I have noticed that I have a lot of qualities that match my future job
  • The tree made me realise I had a lot more qualities than I thought
  • The skills line made me think I have some skills
  • I enjoyed looking at the things I am good at rather than what I’m not
  • Made me reflect on how good I actually am at things

 What have you learnt?

  • That we are going to have to do applications and it might be hard
  • Need to include our skills and strengths in our applications
  • All the different jobs that I didn’t know existed before
  • That jobs I never knew existed, did exist
  • We all have qualities
  • That you can get any job if you put your mind to it
  • A lot of jobs are going to die out over time
  • Never give up on yourself
  • If you are focusing on a job that isn’t likely to happen, have a back up plan

 Any other comments?

  • I’m glad that I have a new dream job
  • I’m excited for my future
  • This lesson makes me happy because it focuses more on your positives than the negatives
  • It’s not all about the money
  • Made me think of other jobs I could have
  • The lesson made me realise that I can do my dream job

Wildlife Area time - Each year group has a timetabled session in the wildlife area each week.  This is time to explore, have adventures and socialise with their peers following all the time spent in lockdown in the last year.  Here are some photographs of the children enjoying their time in the wildlife area.





Intra-School Sports - As the children cannot compete against other schools at the moment, we have decided to hold our own competitive sports events with classes competing against each other during this summer term.  The first week, each class chose a Boccia team to compete and the winning classes earned 10 points for their clan.  Here are some photos from Y3 during the second week when classes chose a cricket team to compete.