Senior Leadership

H York  Head Teacher

S Barton  Deputy Head Teacher and EYFS leader

R Rothery  Assistant Head (SENCO), Year 6 teacher and Staff Governor

E Beasty  Senior Leader and Year 1 Teacher

S Gonzalez-Hill  Senior Leader and Year 4 Teacher

D Elliott  Senior Leader and Year 5 Teacher


J Parkin  Year 3 Teacher

J Dee  Reception Teacher

S Hardy  Year 1 Teacher

C Wilson  Year 5 Teacher

S Collins  Teacher of School Led Tutoring

R Dunn  Year 6 Teacher

M Whitaker  Nursery Teacher

O Start  Year 2 Teacher

L Purdue  Year 6 Teacher

R Rigby  Year 3 Teacher

A Blackburn  Reception Teacher

M Howsam  Year 4 Teacher

A Griffiths  Year 2 Teacher

L Moore  Year 6 Teacher

Support Staff

C Hofford  Nursery Nurse

S Gomersall  Nursery Nurse

J Stafford  EYFS Learning Support

C Veress  Learning Support in Year 3

A Boocock  Learning Support in Year 2

C Ogden  Learning Support in Year 1

C Hamer  Learning Support in EYFS

J Darrington  Learning Support in Year 5

H Clark  Learning Support in Year 5

S Veal  Learning Support in Year 3

J Lowerson  Pastoral Support Officer

L Cook  Learning Support in Year 1

T Baines  Learning Support in Year 5

H Jones  Learning Support in Year 6

S Hedges  Learning Support in EYFS and OOSC Coordinator

L Kitchen  Learning Support in Year 5


R Laycock  School Business Manager

K Redmond  Administrator including Nursery and Out of School Club Administration

H Crossfield  Administrator


H York  Head Teacher

R Rothery  Assistant Head (SENCO), Year 6 teacher and Staff Governor

V Percival  Chair of Governors and Co-opted Governor

K Ball  Parent Governor

J O'Callaghan  Co-opted Governor

S Sunderland  Co-opted Governor

D Bateman  Parent Governor

S Smaldon  Co-opted Governor